Pug Talk

Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote. I’m kind of lazy and would rather sleep than write any day. I think it’s still summer. It’s hard to tell because it’s always warm here. I know because it’s light for breakfast and dinner. Sometimes it’s downright hot. Panting doesn’t cool me down enough. Maybe my tongue is too small.

Something has been weird lately. People don’t come on our boat anymore. Not since Miah was here with her mom and that guy with the furry face. Even when we go for walks, people don’t pet me as much. Usually, I’m not even allowed to go smell their ankles. That’s the main reason I like to go for walks. It’s sure not for the exercise.

Another weird thing is that Mom and Dad are here a lot. I’m not complaining, because I get to sit on mom’s lap more. But sometimes, I like to have the boat to myself. I can take really long naps without all the distractions. That’s when I have the best dreams.

I don’t think this was a dream but last week, we were in the car all day. When I finally got out, I was near where I grew up. I could tell by the way the air smelled. I couldn’t see very far because there were huge trees and plants everywhere. Mom and Dad’s friends were there, which confused me because we usually see them in the house with all the slippery floors. I can barely stand up in that place!

This time, there were even more of those really big dogs. I counted three, which is about as high as I can count. I’m just assuming they’re dogs, because they smelled like dogs. But they’re almost as big as those horse things we had when I was growing up. They have really hairy faces too. It covers their eyes so I can’t tell what they’re looking at. Since I can’t see what they’re barking at, I just join in anyway. I think I scare them a little. You wouldn’t believe the size of their food bowls. I kept hanging around hoping I could steal some of their food. It worked once, but after I got caught, they never left those giant bowls on the floor anymore.

Speaking of food, I eat this really good stuff now. My old food was really dry and Mom thought it scratched my throat and made me cough. The new stuff is softer and swallows easier. I know, I should chew it, but I only have 3 teeth left. I’m impatient too, because I can’t wait ’til it hits my belly. It kind of tastes like baloney, but not as salty. I like it. The bad part is I don’t poop as big now. It’s like I’m a rabbit or something. It’s embarrassing.

We haven’t been going on many boat rides lately. That’s OK with me though. This is a good place and even though I don’t get to socialize much, there are a lot of other dogs here. There’s a nice place we all walk. It’s not far either, which is good if you’re lazy like me. There’s this one little dog named deee-oh-geee, like how people spell DOG when they talk behind your back. (They think I don’t know how to spell TREAT). Crazy name though huh? Anyway, D.O.G. is really small and pees on everything. Bike tires, cement pots, sidewalks, light poles, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t even know the name of. I don’t know where he gets all the pee. He’s like my old friend Sancho, but with less manners.

Another crazy thing here is the rain. There’s a storm almost every day, right about dinner time. I’m not even scared of the thunder anymore. I don’t like walking after a storm because my feet get wet, then I’m not allowed on the couch. My toenails grow really fast here. I don’t know what’s going on. Mom thinks it’s because it’s warm all the time. Whatever. I don’t like it because I have to get them trimmed more. I hate pedicures.

What else can I tell you? My legs are starting to get wobbly again, but not so bad as a couple years ago. I can still get around okay though. You should have seen me with those big dogs. I was actually running. It felt great, but was I ever sore afterwards. I fell on my face once but it didn’t hurt. It was cool there because I could just wander around outside. I lost my bearings once when I wasn’t paying attention, but dad was watching. It was scary.

Dad just opened the refrigerator. I have to go now. Bye.

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