A Change of Plans

C7D25A23-4583-48B8-AF3F-74E64AA07155When the Coronavirus scuttled our plans to be in the Keys last April, we decided to stay in Fort Myers.  We’re still here, but we’ve both been busy.  Not only have we gotten our golf clubs out, but Dawn’s been working towards becoming a certified Aromatherapist, and I’ve been writing.  Not much on the blog, but on a project I started many years ago.

A Change of Plans” is my debut novel.  The story begins with an obvious autobiographical slant (especially if you read our blog), but soon involves four Columbian siblings caught up in the drug trade, often against their will.

Like us, Jake and Gina Adams sell everything to buy a boat and go cruising.  As their adventure begins, they discover that their boat’s prior owner had a secret past, one that puts them in mortal danger.  The couple must join forces with a few of the dead owner’s old friends to unlock his secrets, then together embark on a quest to beat traffickers to millions of dollars they believe is buried in the Virgin Islands.  

In a race against drug cartels, time, and the law, all paths cross near Tortola, in a  fantastical maritime adventure about friendship, trust, redemption, and ultimately, a change of plans.

Follow the links below to order your copy:

Amazon – available as ebook for Kindle or in Paperback. 

Apple – ebook 


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