Pug on a Tug

I am Lola, and I am the Pug on a Tug.  My primary humans, came up with that name, because a) I am Lola, b) I am obviously a pug, c) my boat kind of looks like a tug boat, and d) trawler doesn’t rhyme with pug.

enjoying a bit of shore leave

People say I’m almost eight years old, but frankly, I don’t know what the means, and I don’t really care.  All that matters is that I get to eat when I’m hungry and that I get to sit in as many human laps as possible for as long as possible.  If I could sit on more than one at a time, I would.

Living on a boat isn’t very difficult for me.  In fact, I like it better then our last house because I’m allowed to nap on the furniture, and best of all,  sleep in bed with my humans.  They nag me when I try to take most of the middle, but it’s worth it.  I think it’s fun to pull the covers off dad.

I have lots of friends here that also live on boats.  There’s Sancho, Fender, Charlie, Lexie, Zeus, and Rusty.  Sancho lives next door, and sometimes I invite him to sleep over.  Fender is cute but is always trying to hump me and gets on my nerves.  There’s other ones too, and I can’t remember all their names, but know what their pee smells like.  I know where everyone goes for their walk, and like tracking everyone’s daily business.  If we had thumbs to hold and work a phone, there should be a dog app for mapping each other’s peeing spots, sort of like that stupid Pokemon game that humans play.

Long Overdue update

Sorry, I haven’t been writing much. I’ve had more important things to do, especially nap.  Plus it takes a really long time typing with paws.  Thank God for spellcheck!

A lot has changed since my first post.  First, I think we live on the boat now.  I can tell because I hardly ever get to ride in the car.  Only when I go to the beauty parlor, doggy resort, or to see my sissy, Kayla.  Sissy adopted a crazy dog called Mia. She’s kind of big but acts like a puppy, so she’s immature and likes to play way too much.  Mia gets slobber all over my toys and almost killed me twice.  I hope it wasn’t on purpose.  I like her food though, and try to get some when nobody is watching.

Here’s a picture of me in my RayBans and on my Mom’s lap.  There’s nothing I like better than Mom’s lap, so I try to sit there whenever she is home.  She disappears sometimes, it seems like forever, so I try to nap the whole time so the time goes fast, and then she comes home and lets me sit on her lap.  I think this makes her happy too, except when I bark at the TV.  I don’t know why I bark at the TV, but I can’t help it.  Pigs and the Geico lizard drive me crazy.  I stay quiet when dinosaurs and bears are on TV.  They’re scary. 

Speaking of scary, last year was very scary for me.  First we moved the boat to a different place.  Everything smelled different, but I’m used to it now.  I made new dog friends though, and luckily, I can still smell my old friends when we go for long walks.  For awhile, I couldn’t go for long walks, and then I could barely walk at all. Dad had to carry me to do my business.  I didn’t mind that part, but then Mom and Dad started whispering around me and acting sad.  That made me scared.  Then they took me to a new doctor.  He made a cut on my belly and took some of my stem cells, put them in a silver machine, then put them in my back.  I started walking better in a few days.  Then I started going to the gym, and in a few months, I was good as new.  Being carried around was nice, but Mom and Dad acted happy again, so I am happy.

Speaking of happy, here’s some good lap shots.  It’s how I roll. 

This is me on lookout.  I like when the back door is open because I get to guard us from ducks.  I saw a fish once.  Sometimes they jump all around.  I think they want me to chase them and go swimming.  I don’t like to swim because my feet or too small and my nose fills up with water.  I’m exhausted now and need a nap.  Bye.


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  1. lee430 says:

    Love you Lola!!!

  2. Wendy D Bowen says:

    Okay, Lola. Before you head out on your grand adventure with your humans, we have to schedule a time for you to sit in my lap for a long while. I need that because I am going to miss you (and your humans) so very much. I love you sweet girl!

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