To Our Adventure

After retiring in 2019, we sold or donated almost all of our “stuff”, and began fulfilling cruising dreams hatched when “W” was still in office.  The blog here chronicles our life and travels aboard our 42′ Kadey Krogen trawler, “Cirila”.  Besides the blog, which makes up most of the content here, you’ll find links to all kinds of cool stuff you get to do when your’e retired.  Writing, Painting, Photography, Golf, Dining – it’s all in here.  It’s no longer just about just boating and the weather, it’s an expose into the right hemisphere of my brain. I know, it sounds sick.  You can even buy stuff so that we can afford better liquor and cigars!

C7D25A23-4583-48B8-AF3F-74E64AA07155Books – While riding out the Coronavirus in Fort Myers, I decided to finish a novel I began years ago.  A Change of Plans is a fictional adventure about a retired couple who go cruising.  I wonder where I got that idea?  Don’t worry, our blog isn’t a spoiler. Similarities to our cruising life end by about Chapter 4.  You can learn more about the book, read an excerpt, and even buy a copy here. 

E94399C7-C033-44E8-84D3-A3E7AC639949Artwork – Yeah, I like to paint to, and very once in awhile, I get lucky with one.  My mom, who is a fine artist, provided constant inspiration for this pursuit.  When she couldn’t paint anymore, she gave me tubes of oils and brushes worth more than our car.  It’s all organized in my Swiss Army backpack – the same one I used to lug laptop and junk around airports. When inspired, the pilothouse becomes my studio.  See more here.  

impresso452596574-1Digital Media – I render my favorite photos using various apps into something that looks more like a watercolor, or an oil painting.  The point here is that I think some of these look very cool.  Some I use as inspiration when I get out the oils.  If I had a house, I’d print several of these and hang them up. Maybe you’ll want to also.  Here’s your chance to buy one.  

1D93ADC2-C849-4A7E-B1B3-F4118597732F_1_105_cPhotography – When you live on a boat and and cruise the Great Loop a boat, you see over 6000 miles of American and Canadian waterfront.  I’ve already had to increase our I-Cloud storage space because of all the dolphin videos and sunsets.  I save this space for my favorites, which I’ve tried to categorize in some logical way.  They’re available in various sizes and types of print, which you can learn about here.

C98726E9-E603-426D-A5DB-C1372AB2AB5AFun Stuff – This is a new, and a work in progress.  Before Corona (BC), we used to eat out and go to museums. Now, “Riding out the ‘Rona” in Fort Meyers, we’ve been golf again.  Nothing to buy here, it’s just our own version of “Looper Yelp”, about restaurants, museum, marinas, and golf courses.