A Leap North

We’re running about 10 days behind our planned go date, as we finish a few things on the boat, and in our life tasks, before heading out.  We’re now looking at pushing off next Wednesday to accommodate a vet follow-up for Lola, take care of some car service, and wait for a front to pass on Tuesday.

Two weeks ago, we just finished a crucial prerequisite to casting off.  After downsizing twice in the last 5 years, we did it again – shedding more “stuff”.  Combing through our two storage units, we sorted into four piles:

  1. Stuff to keep with us on the boat.  The blue sports coat, that winter jacket, this duffle bag, these tools, the folding bikes….  After getting the boat all cleaned up for a party a couple weeks ago, we’re cluttered again as we find stowage space aboard for the things we’ll want with us.  The toughest call – our golf clubs.  We decided to bring the golf shoes, but store the clubs.
  2. Stuff to donate to charity.  There will be some good shopping at Goodwill soon.  We made 7 trips – the last one in a rented pick-up truck.  Lots of Christmas goodies, our mountain bikes, a plethora of clothes, blankets, lamps, and tubs full of the silk flowers left over from the Sibley’s Florist days.
  3. Stuff to throw away.  Hopefully some enterprising people will find some profit in what we tossed.  Dawn had to help me here, as it was hard to finally get rid of that box of stereo patch cords and speaker wire I’ve been hauling around since college.
  4. Stuff to keep in storage for another day.  We tried to limit what we kept to those items that would be impossible, difficult, or too expensive to replace.  Our fine furniture, art, my tools that didn’t come aboard the boat, all the model railroad goodies inherited from my Uncle John.  We loaded it all in a 22′ Penske and hauled it to Cleveland, OH, putting it closer to where we’ll establish a land base after cruising.

We also sold one of the cars – our 2000 BMW M-Roadster.  This was painful but necessary as it would just drain resources needed elsewhere.  Amazingly, the couple who bought it live in the Cleveland area – about a mile from my sister’s house, and their bank is in the same town as our new storage unit.  We hauled the “M” behind the Penske.  I’d share a picture, but for some reason, WordPress is being stubborn about uploading some photos.


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