Lola’s Update

I’ve been going to strange new places for over 7 months now – that’s one month in people time.  Just when I get to know a new place, and find favorite spots to do my business, the loud machine under the floor starts and we go somewhere new.


This is how I ride.  Not bad

Most of the time, I like when we go.  I get to sit on the upstairs sofa where I can see all around. It’s not as interesting as the car though, because mostly it just smells funny, and there’s not much for me to bark at.  There aren’t any cars, or people, and none of those windows where people give us food. I miss french fries.

Luckily, I still get to nap a lot even when we go places.  Sometimes we move funny, and I have to close my eyes because I don’t feel very good. When I wake up, I still see the back of Dad’s head. He wears the same shirt a lot. After a few days, he smells sort of like me and his socks.


Here’s the back of Dad’s head, which is getting kind of boring

Its mostly fun.  We went to one place that had little thorns mixed up in the grass.  I got one in my foot one day and it hurt. Mom got it out though.  Some places have lots of sand which makes me wish I had bigger feet and could run.  One day, I pretended I was tired so mom would carry me.  My favorite place was called something like “The Woof”.  There was really nice grass close to the boat and lots of stores that I could look inside.  Some had real dogs in them and we could bark at each other until we got in trouble.  There were lots of people that loved me and let me smell their ankles.


I like these sandy places but I don’t pee there – I’m not a damn cat!

I miss my old friends Jay Jay and Whiskey and Sancho. I’ve made some new friends though, like Fielder and Rusty.  They’re a lot bigger than me but are nice. I think they live on other boats that have been stopping at the same places.  I see them sometimes when we stop moving and the loud machine under the floor stops. Its weird because when we stop at a new place, I can smell lots of new dogs and some other animals, but I know Fielder is nearby.  That’s mostly how I can tell they are traveling too.


Very embarrassing, but sometimes I have to be a good sport for food

I like it best when we stop at new places. New smells are the best. I saw a really big fish jump out of the water one day.  There’s also some giant birds that are sort of scary.  My food is still the same, but it makes me happy.  I haven’t had any accidents in the house because we seem to stop somewhere just in time.  Mom and Dad both take me for walks together a lot, which is fun.  What wasn’t fun was taking pictures that made me look like Santa Pug.  I thought it was a dumb idea.  This was Mom’s idea so I could wish people a Merry Christmas!


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  1. lee430 says:

    Merry Christmas, Lola, Mom and Dad!
    Love Maxie and her humans.

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