Transom Door

A few weeks ago, we had a few screws pull out of the upper hinge on the transom door.  It was letting go – the wood behind the glass was rotted.  We removed the door, then I cut a way at the worst of it, like a dentist grinding away your tooth before capping it.  I then treated the wood with penetrating epoxy, then back filled the holes and gaps with Marine Rx epoxy putty.  After some sanding using the Fein (wow what a machine – more on it later), then drilling fresh holes, filling with 5200, remounting the hinges, you have this:

Somehow, the recesses that the hinges fit into didn’t end up quite the same, so the door fits more snugly, but it is stabilized, and I’m no longer worried about it falling off. The next time I have out the “goop”, I may refill, re-drill, and refit, but we’ll live with it as is for now.

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